Nikki Lorraine and her hound Mayzee | Mt. Shasta, CA

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After spending over a decade working in the government sector as a Forensic Analyst, Nikki Lorraine was living a “successful” life. What most would view as successful anyways. Financially stable, home owner, self sufficient. What more could you ask for right? Internally, Nikki’s spirit and creativity slowly faded, as stress, pressures, and politics ate away at her soul. Her only sanctuary was the outdoors where she gained peace, energy, and true happiness. So, in an effort to live a life of happiness and fill her soul, Nikki Lorraine vacated her government job to spend more time outdoors…and help others do the same!

Nikki Lorraine is an animal loving, dream chasing, hiking machine. Join Boulder and Bark on our journey outdoors…Destination yet unknown!